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In a world where digital is coming at the door in a very large number of applications, Ittiam makes its own developments and offers its expertise in signal processing for a variety of domains that encompass the vast arenas of:

   - Communication
   - Surveillance
   - Broadcast
   - Multimedia
   - Connectivity

   - And many more...



and software environment, our main platforms for off-the-shelves products being the Texas Instruments DSPs and the ARM-based devices, as well as RTL for SOC video and connectivity.

Our main competencies and offerings range from:

   * Application / User Interface
   * Software System
   * Software bricks (Audio/Video/Streaming/Muxing-Parsing IPs)
   * BSP
   * Hardware design

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Recognized for an extended knowledge in audio and video compression intellectual property, Ittiam is able to provide a large scale of HW and SW capabilities on several base chipsets